Friday, July 30, 2010

Segovia, Spain


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Spain 138 I arrive in Segovia as the town is coming alive for the evening. Parking away from the center of activity, I walk up a gradual steep hill towards the historic part of town.



Spain 347 At the top of the street I make a right turn and continue to climb with the city’s medieval wall in the background.




This area was once occupied by the Roman's and a good part of their architecture remains.


Spain 352 Through curved and narrow cobble stone streets I am making my way to Alcazar Castle.






Spain 350 Centenano Procesion De Los Pasos (1907-2007)



Spain 354 I eventually make my way to a former Roman fortress from during the Medieval period.






Spain 363 Now Alcazar Castle, the fort has changed its appearance many times over the years.


 Spain 145                                                                                                                                       Alcazar was a source of inspiration for Walt Disney.




Over the years, Alcazar has also been used as a royal palace. It is here that Queen Isabel promised Columbus financial backing to discover the Americas.


Spain 144 From the entrance bridge the remains of a moat can be seen almost a hundred feet below.






Spain 140 As I tour Alcazar, the setting sun paints the city behind me a beautiful shade of gold before it disappears for the night.


Spain 141 The sunset highlights Segovia’s most prominent landmark the 16th Century Cathedral.





Spain 151 I walk towards the cathedral and city square for a close up impressive view.


Spain 147 The city square is filled with strollers and diners enjoying  a beautiful night out in this gorgeous city.



The area is encompassed will all kinds of shops and restaurants.


Spain 158 Tonight, I am fortunate to enjoy a cultural program sponsored by Segovia. The show takes place near the remains of the city's medieval wall.



 Spain 154 Groups from Brazil


Spain 163 Ireland








Spain 178 Spain, South Korea and others are in a delightful singing,dancing and acrobatic entertaining competition.



My eyes are moist as I watch the Irish perform. Had I continued my lessons, the world would never have known the name Michael Flatley.

Why did I let him talk me out of continuing to pursue my dream?


Spain 171

I have seen and done tight rope acts myself  but never blind folded as I witness a Korean performer do so. He takes doing a tight rope act to another level.


Spain 180 Fancy footwork is nicely choreographed and enjoyable to watch.

With a few margaritas and shots of Jose Cuervo, I might be able to compete.


The show continues until about midnight and I have the pleasure to meet some of the performers afterward.


Spain 398 Waiting to board their buses, the Brazilians are still in a playful performing mood.





Spain 400 I learn a little about their touring company and various shows they perform.




What a fantastic evening in Segovia, definitely worth the visit.


Spain 146 Segovia 16th Century Cathedral


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