Monday, July 12, 2010

Spain Wins World Cup 2010 And ….


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I'm in Madrid enjoying the crazy celebration of Spain’s historic first World Cup Championship.

From my hotel near the airport, I take a bus then The Metro to the City Centre. Total cost of the trip E$2.65.


SamMADWC 003 Watching the game while enjoying a beer, it is not until some minutes into overtime that Spain gets past Holland defenses and scores the first goal of the game.



Although the game is not over the crowd is ecstatic with pride and patriotism. Singing, clapping, horn blowing and laughter are all a part of their external expressions.


SamMADWC 006 A countdown begins as the final seconds ticks off.  Spain's Futbol Team is soon recorded in FIFA World Cup history.





SamMADWC 007 The country and people they represent are truly proud of their accomplishment.





SamMADWC 017



SamMADWC 027 Returning to the once empty square near Sol Metro station, hundreds if not thousands have gathered.





SamMADWC 013 An exuberant mood and high energy is sensed everywhere.






SamMADWC 036

Statues, Buildings, Fountains and about anything else that can be climbed is climbed.


SamMADWC 034 Flags are swirling, horns are blowing and E$1 is being sold as fast as they appear.






SamMADWC 049 It's an energy and celebration that you cannot help yourself from not participating.






SamMADWC 010


Strangers are taking pictures with strangers and no one seems to mind an occasional beer or fountain water shower.

A drum circle forms and adds another level of excitement to the celebration.


SamMADWC 028 I see dance moves I did not think were possible as half dressed men go giddy with happiness.





I wonder if I can bring myself to do this the next time my favorite football team, The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wins The Super Bowl.

Thankfully, I think I have lots of years to practice.


SamMADWC 062 As the drum circle moves on I stop for dinner.

They are even celebrating in the restaurant.

I join in!



SamMADWC 064 Not missing out on the fun a beautiful young senorita gets on a table and starts dancing.






SamMADWC 066


E$5.50. It's a kebob sandwich, fries, Diet Coke and a sesame seed covered pastry for desert.

It is well past midnight and the celebration continues through this part of the city. Cars are jumped on and garbage trucks pounded on as they try to make their way down a crowded street.


SamMADWC 072 A fire extinguisher comes loose and some of us get a sense of how a fire feels being put out.

Not something I want to experience everyday, especially looking like Michael Jackson.


Fortunately on this hot summer evening someone has a spray bottle of water and a few of us clean up a bit. I need another beer to get the taste out of my mouth.  At least, I know I am not hot anymore.


SamMADWC 088 More street celebration as I make my way to Gran Via Metro station it is now 2 am!




There's only one train line running this late or early depending on how you see things. This might present a possible problem getting back to my hotel.

I have Euros in my pocket and will attempt the adventure route back before opting for a taxi.


SamMADWC 091 Boarding the train more shirtless men, the celebration is now moving at 40 miles per hour.




With some local help, I disembark the train about a thirty minute walk from my hotel.

It's a nice enough evening and I am adventurous enough (or as some would say cheap enough) that I take the hike.


SamMADWC 093 About 2:50 am, Hotel Nuevo Boston comes into few.

Not bad for a crazy, fun filled night in Madrid.





SamMADWC 081


Congratulations, Espana!


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