Monday, July 19, 2010

Israel, Touring Jerusalem

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Fresh pita with equally fresh tomatoes, cucumbers and hot tea starts my day along with friendly smiles in Hashimi's breakfast room from Islamic men and women.


                                                                                                                                        I walk towards Mt. Olive with a detour to The Wailing Wall after passing "airport type" security.


Man Praying The solemn sounds of ancient prayers and rituals are a sight worth witnessing.






Outside Wall About a 20 minute walk from The Wailing Wall,  I get a view of Jerusalem from outside the city walls.





City Of David I by pass The City Of David before arriving at Mount Olive.

An important place for Jews, Christians and Muslims.




Jesus Gethsemane Prayer

Gethsemane Cemetry Gethsemane Cemetery
Gethsemane Chapel Gethsemane Chapel
After Mt. Olive, I hop on a city bus NIS$5.9 for a free tour around the city before disembarking at Jaffa Gate.
DSC00849 Here I meet up with a "Free 3-1/2hour" city walking tour.



Last Supper Place Of Last Supper







Via Dolorosa Via Dolorosa






We walk all about the city, taking in all the important sites except “The Dome of The Rock".

Get up early for that one. Tours are available only Sunday to Thursday with no entry after 1:00PM.


Roof Top View Roof Top View of Dome







Roof Top Tour Jew & Muslim Neighbors







Our guide gives us "The Cliff Note" version of the important sites with interesting stories to go along with them.


Competing Churches Competing Mosque And Synagogue



Jesus Hand Print Hand Print Of Jesus



Muslim Story Muslim Printed Story
We learn about all the communities in The Old City and their history here.
Armenian Genocide Armenian Genocide
Clothing For Sale Clothes For Sale
Prayer NotesPrayer Notes
 Market Street                                                                                                                                        We take it all in, including a guided roof top tour!

My highlights,  revisiting The Wailing Wall and putting my hand in the hand print believed left by Jesus on "Via Dolorosa".
Simon Cross Bearer Simon Cross Bearer Chapel along Via Dolorosa, the path Jesus took to be crucified.

Oldest Grafitti Oldest Graffiti

DSC00852 Old Roman Road

Our guide does a great job and he is deserving of a nice tip at the end of the tour.

Old Jerusalem City Mosaic


Continental 777 Tonight, I fly home from Tel Aviv with great memories from a wonderful experience.





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