Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Road To Segovia, Spain


Map picture

Leaving Pamplona, I am on A-12 southwest bound towards Logrono.


Spain 120 Soon I am bypassing roadside vineyards with distant desert and mountain landscape in the background.



Signs show various wineries along the route that I assume can be visited and toured.


Spain 121 As the odometer spins, the road takes on climbs, descents and steep curves to compliment the changing geography.





Spain 123



Spain 124 Jagged hills and dense green vegetation have me thinking, “Majestad purpura de Montana”.

Purple Mountain Majesty




Spain 125 Next a small town almost hidden in a lush green valley with rolling hills comes into view.





Spain 126 A city hall or church steeple that seems to give the town it's unique signature prominently stands out from all the other town buildings.

This portion of the drive is awesome. Occasionally, I have to pull aside to let others that may not feel the same way as I do pass.


Spain 128 A roadside stop and I am at “Ermita De La Virgen de los Nogales”. A church from the 1700's.


Spain 343 Just across the street from “Ermita De La Virgen de los Nogales” is Hostal Los Nogales.





Spain 342 With a restaurant, bar and free Wi-Fi, Hostal Los Nogales present a good opportunity for an afternoon break.




A cold local beer on a hot afternoon and I settle down with my travel companion, Acer. It is time to get caught up on e-mails and review the rest of my Spain itinerary.


Spain 341 From the menu board my first choice of Pollo Grisado is sold out for the day so Calamores Tinta will have to do.




Based on my Calimocho experience in Pamplona I have no trouble figuring out “Tinta”. It has to have something to do with wine which makes it an excellent choice.


Spain 130 Served with fresh bread, the calamari takes on a nice flavor in the wine sauce.

Another order of bread is required to prevent any wine from being left behind. A relaxing lunch and it is an hour or two before I am back on the road again.


Spain 132 Leaving Hostal Los Nogales, more mountainous terrain as I navigate around a huge lake.




Spain 134 Now on N111 traveling through La Rioja region of Spain, I enter Tunel de Piqueras a very cool mountain tunnel.





Spain 136 My driving scenery is transformed.







Spain 137 Kilometers and small towns whiz by and then the road traverses wide open farm lands.

My surroundings become familiar again on N110.


I circumnavigate Soria and don’t get too excited when I see signs again for El Burgo de Osma. I now know America’s Most Wanted is not there.

Chasing the sun west, I continue on to Segovia.



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