Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Milano By Day

Italy, Milano Highlights



After a seven hour and forty one minute flight we touch down in Milan about ten minutes ahead of schedule, one of us fully rested, one not so lucky.


2015-04-03 02.37.48“Buongiorno” from a smiling Immigration Officer, an easy walk through Customs and just like that we are officially in Milano.





I always wonder why other countries immigration and customs airport entry procedures are not as easy and nice as in most cases all across Europe.
A stop at Hertz and less than thirty minutes later, “The Blue Panda” is headed to “The Duomo”.

The Milano morning traffic is a bit more hectic than expected but eventually we end up navigating our way to a parking spot within eyesight of the main train station.



2015-04-03 15.39.34Stazione Centrale



At a parking rate of 1.20 euro per hour we think we have found a good deal and set off for about a 3 hour self guided walking tour.

We could not have asked for better weather as we head towards the Milan Cathedral (Duomo). Along the way we are entertained by the sights of the city including a traffic stop juggler. Shop windows are decorated in brilliant colors, some of them with designs that celebrate the upcoming Easter holidays.


IMG_0004In one area Peruvian street performers woo the crowd with soothing music and a walking street is filled with pedestrians.







IMG_0010The talents of street performers are sometimes amazing.






At one point we watch an artist at work using vegetables as his sole medium. A rose made out of carrots is astonishing.




2015-04-03 12.15.37Piazzo Castello



It is just so gorgeous as we sit at Piazzo Castello and relax by the water fountain. A walk down Via Dante and the majestic Duomo comes into view. Although I have visited the Duomo before it still is and will probably always be impressive to me.



2015-04-03 12.53.22Milan Duomo



Our travel budget and Swiss bank account is way too small to do any shopping at Galleria Vittorio but it is still nice to dream of one day having a complete Italian wardrobe makeover.


2015-04-03 13.38.33We love the soft blue that seems to be the in color this season and I now regret not taking out a small loan to be a part of the current fashion trend.






2015-04-03 14.31.11A fresh and affordable lunch at Mr Zuppa then it is a brief visit to the main train station before we are on the road to Verona.