Thursday, April 11, 2013

Indonesia, I Drank Poop Coffee


In days gone by I would often be offered and accept a shot of real Cuban coffee after getting a haircut in South Miami. Nonetheless, from such rare occasions I would never consider myself a coffee drinker.

However, when traveling abroad I never pass up the opportunity to have at least a cup of some local java. From a cup or two at Fishawy in Cairo to drinking almost a gallon of Jamaican Blue Mountain in Negril, on vacation it is always a treat.



Bali D2 063Along the way on our drive to the Ayung River for whitewater rafting a discussion takes place about coffee and in particular one special blend that is made here in Bali.





To date, as far as I know I have never eaten or drank anything that has poop in it but before the day is over I will have had a cup of “Poop Coffee”.

Although the official brand name is “Luwak Coffee”, “Poo Coffee” as it is locally called is made from beans that are reclaimed from the poop of mongoose.



Bali D2 068Poo Coffee Maker



Apparently, as a part of their diet the mongoose will eat only the best coffee beans. As the beans pass through their digestive tract it goes through a process that gives it a unique flavor. This flavor is so unique that once the beans are processed, Luwak Coffee becomes some of the most expensive here in Bali.


Bali D2 070I often wondered what crap would taste like and now I know. Not bad, not bad at all.