Monday, May 26, 2014

Belarus, Off To Minsk


2014-05-20 17.02.39After a planned stay over in Vilnius, Lithuania, we board an afternoon train for Minsk. At 15:03 we are on track to hopefully see the USA Hockey Team play in the Quarter Finals tomorrow afternoon.




At Gudogai Station we make our official crossing into Belarus and for us it is an interesting one. Our train comes to a stop and a swarm of Customs, Immigration and Police officials board the train. Some of them have on very cool hats but I am afraid to take pictures as for the most part they seem very stern.


2014-05-21 08.54.06We wait somewhat nervously for them to check our documents especially when my passport is taken for a closer examination.

After about 15-20 minutes we are back on track.




Around 5:45pm we arrive at Minsk Central and a $9 cab ride later we are somewhere on the outskirts of the city in a neighborhood apartment. In a few minutes we will be ready to let our Minsk experience begin.




2014-05-21 11.30.41Minsk, Belarus

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Mexico, A Krazy Lobster Day


From the port area we load up with about twenty other cruise passengers and for $3 per person we are off for a day at Manahual Beach.

In less than twenty minutes we are walking towards “The Krazy Lobster” a spot we had done research on before leaving for our cruise.


2014-04-10 13.09.56On a shaded beach with clear skies and a mild tropical breeze blowing with temperatures in the mid 70's we enjoy a few buckets of mini coronas, chips, salsa and margaritas.





Later in the day we take a kayaking trip along the beach with views of the Norwegian Epic and her sister ship the Norwegian Dawn in the distance. A half hour massage on the beach for less than $15 dollars and I have some regret that we have to get back on the high seas.



2014-04-10 13.24.14For us, hanging in Costa Maya is what we want our lives to be all about. Good times, warm weather, good friends and cold beers along with a margarita or two.







Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Mexico, Costa Maya



As we step out onto our balcony into the early morning sun, we are looking down the bow of the NCL Dawn.




2014-04-10 11.40.28Pool At Senor Frogs


A quick breakfast and we are soon disembarking in Costa Maya, our first visit to this Mexican port of call. A long leisurely walk along the dock then it is a quick Mexican cultural introduction before we are ordering up some adult beverages to really get our day going.


2014-04-10 11.43.14A few steps from Senor Frogs we watch some friendly dolphins interacting with their trainers then we make our exit to head to the beach.





Some pre-cruise research gives us the “Intel” we need for a FUN beach day. This information is confirmed as we soon discover we can get buckets of Coronas for $5.


I think we have found “Our Beach”.



Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cruising, A Norwegian Night Out


2014-04-07 00.35.31From a hilarious “Newlywed Game” to the popular “Legends In Concert” and Chicago’s “Second City”, there is no shortage of nightly adult fun and entertainment onboard the Norwegian Epic.

We make an effort to do it all and have a lot of fun in the process.