Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pamplona, Running With The Bulls


I knew I should never have gone to sleep.


SamPampBullRun 005 By the time I arrive at the bull run staging area, it is packed beyond belief.  You would think this was an event that lasted all day.




The actual event takes less than 10 minutes to complete. I am sure if the bulls knew what was going on they would not be in such a hurry.


SamPampBullRun 008 The staging area is jammed with viewers on trash cans, traffic lights and even in trees.





SamPampBullRun 010 I find myself up a wall but get some good running tips while I am there.

My wall mate has previously ran and suggests an entry point for me to try.







SamPampBullRun 012

“Con Permisso, Excuse Me, Hot Lemonada and I nudge my way forward to a gated and medical staging area.


SamPampBullRun 015 Here a medic takes care of a little bull induced boo, boo.





I make it to the route just in time to see a bull's he-haw disappear into a following crowd. At least he does not leave any presents behind.

Not quite the experience I was expecting. A little like going to Times Square to see the ball drop and getting there at 11:59:59. Although I have now done both, I prefer the warmth and festive mood of Pamplona than the usually cold and miserable New York City winter.


SamPampBullRun 024 I still celebrate being here with fellow runners and we have a better version of what happened for home consumption only. The true story will remain our little secret.


It goes a little something like this.

“Despite the bulls passing us, we charge through the following crowd and grab one of them by the tail. The crowd goes wild as the he drags us along the muddy street to Plaza de Toros.

You think they are going to buy it when we get home? Or are they going to say “Now that some serious BS!”


CanPampD2 009


In the end, I guess instead of running with the bulls, I could say the bulls ran away from me. Lucky for them!

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