Friday, July 9, 2010

In Pamplona, No Bull Sh--, The Party Has Begun!



Map picture


CanPampD1 001 After an almost 415Km, 8 hour leisurely drive from Madrid, I arrive in Pamplona excited to “Run With The Bulls”, maybe?



Interestingly, on my flight to Madrid an article in Delta's Sky Magazine listed as the number one group activity to see or participate in,  you guessed it. Running With The Bulls in Pamplona, Spain!


CanPampD1 002 If I survive tonight's festivities, I will (might) face that challenge at 8:00 am tomorrow.

For now, I am beginning my mental preparations and hope to soon start my physical conditioning.

OK, that’s one beer curl, I know I can do at least 5 more.






PampD1 010 I know I am approaching Pamplona long before I arrive as I see people in cars and at bus stops gearing up or already dressed in the traditional festival attire.



I don't make too much of a fashion statement as I purchase a scarf for E$2.50.


PampD1 008 I later learn that at a store next door I could have purchased a complete outfit for E$13.00, shucks!






PampD1 003 With my new scarf it is not long before I am fitting right in and meet Carlos and his girlfriend Laura.





PampD1 005 A stop a local bar and for E$3.50, I am introduced to“Calimocho”.






PampD1 007

Calimocho is a local drink that mixes red wine with Coke.



PampD1 006We enjoy our Calimochos with good conversation including English and Spanish lessons.




Afterward Carlos and Laura head off to find friends “Lost In Pamplona”.  My night is off to a good start.

Unless you see me on CNN, I will update this blog soon after I finish my last “Calimocho” and I promise that's no Bull Sh--!


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