Monday, July 19, 2010

Israel, Jerusalem

Map picture
Hashimi Hotel Inside "Damascus Gate", I check into The New Hashimi Hotel.
A strict Islamic house that allows no alcohol, smoking or unmarried couples in rooms.
It is located inside The Old City, E$40 per night. From it’s 3rd floor balcony, The New Hashimi Hotel offers great city views.

The Old City is an exciting area filled with ancient history and everyday life.
Men Praying At Wall Within it's boundaries are most of the holiest sites to Jews, Muslims and Christians.
The Wailing Wall, Dome of The Rock and Church of Holy Sepulchre, Site of The Crucifixion.


Ethiopian Church Ethiopian Church






Jewish Home Jewish Home






Today, Jews, Muslims, Christians share various parts of the city in mostly peaceful coexistence. This has not always been the case.

A military presence is through out the city with male and female soldiers carrying M-16's.

First Temple Wall First Temple Wall






DSC00855 Excavated Roman Site






The remains of ancient Jerusalem can still be seen although many parts have been built upon with shops, restaurants and homes.

DB Damascus Gate Damascus Gate

The Walled City has seven gates.






DSC00847 From Jaffa Gate to Zion Gate, all with histories of their own.

A self-guided roof top tour finds me like a rat in a maze looking for cheese.
DSC00843 Through narrow passages, up and down stairs and dead ends I am delightfully lost.
Men Praying At Wall At one point, I pass through a home or shop filled with Jewish men wearing "Square Black Boxes" on their heads.
They cheerfully give me some sense of direction.

I sample fresh bread with spices and olive oil, pastries and fresh fruit on my afternoon stroll. 

A pita filled with salad, vegetables, French fries and fried chick peas ends my evening.

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