Monday, July 19, 2010

Ecuador, Quito Sunday In The Park

Up early, I stroll down Julio Castro to Av Colombia. I am headed back to the airport to pick up my 5 day car rental.
Coconut Vendor Before hopping a taxi, I purchase a fresh peeled starch white coconut the size of a softball from a street vendor for $1.00.

The coconut wrapped in plastic is served with a bright blue straw that gives me ample access to the cool drink inside.
Afterward, I free the coconut from the plastic and enjoy the crunchy white flesh. Breakfast On The Go!

Quito Car Rentals Just outside the airport is a Supermaxi grocery store that I visit while I wait for my rental car.
Fresh baked empanadas, pan de yucca, cookies, juice, a six pack of local beer and I am ready discover more of Ecuador by car.

Map picture
I leave the airport with a general sense of where I want to go but it's not where I end up.
A few times circling a round about ... a brief adventure in a "BUS ONLY" lane and I am still somewhere in Quito.

Driving along Av. Amazonas I pass a huge park filled with people and lots of activity. I find a parking spot at a local mall and walk back to the park.

Carolina Park Soon I am participating in an outside group exercise program.
Uno, dos, tres, ….. cinco seis, I am spinning and moving but out of sync with the rest of the group.
Wrong Way Dude At Parque La Carolina where there is a nice collection of all sorts of outside activities.
Airplane Slide Families are enjoying swings, teeter tooters and local clown entertainment.
Volleyball Others play outdoor racquetball, volleyball and basketball.
So far, I am resisting the urge to show my Shaq moves.
Afternoon Soccer For a few minutes I watch a soccer match as gray clouds loom overhead.
The views of Quito and the surrounding mountains are quiet vivid from the park.

Yo puedo jugar contigo? Can I play with you?  My Shaq resistance falls.

Nice Pass I am playing two on two basketball that soon turns into a full court five on five.

Both teams contain a few girls that can play and shoot "muy bueno" from downtown.


Seis y siete .. at viente (20) game one is over. Senor una mas! We win game two and then it's "Senor una mas", again.


Nice Kid & Poodle Estoy muy cansado. I am tired but survive a third game.

I think my game has gone to the dogs.



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