Thursday, July 1, 2010

Panama – Panama City


Map picture


Unfortunately, my visit to Panama was long before digital cameras became popular or were affordable. Today, my Minolta Maxxum 300si is worth an amazing $29.95.


CCF07012010_00000 Digging through old photo albums, I now have to scan, download, edit and embed my pictures in order to blog about them.

OMG .. tweet, tweet, so ancient.




So forgive me if the quality falls short of your expectations.

Like most places I visit,  few things give me more pleasure than interacting with local kids. Our mutual curiosity often disarms our cultural differences and usually produces a friendship if only for a few moments.


CCF07012010_00001 Near the Presidential Palace, I encounter a group of stone carrying Panamanians but my fear subsides when I apparently impress them with my command of the local language.

Tu es fuerte, (You are strong) brings laughter and momentary friendships.

Stuck in stop and go traffic I am continuously watched from behind tinted windows by a rear seat passenger as our cars trade pole positions like a turtle Formula One race.


CCF07012010_00006 Thinking I am going to pull ahead, I stick out my tongue only to have one stuck right back at me but with a smile.





Sitting at The Panama Canal is an awesome experience as I witness ships raised and lowered hundreds of feet by millions of gallons of water. A technological marvel. Since this passage saves considerable time, lines of ships can be seen in the distance waiting their chance to enter the locks.


CCF07012010_00004 Offering a nice hiking trail, I visit Parque Nacional Soberania for the afternoon.




Although most of the jungle inhabitants remain hidden the sounds of birds and the wind whistling through the trees is peaceful and not disappointing.


CCF07012010_00003 The abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables is always a treat for me when traveling in the tropics.



Finding a street vendor that will sell me a glass of Jugo de Cana for 25 pesos is a refreshing deal.




I am fortunate returning to Panama City as I am able to purchase a ticket to enjoy an evening at The National Theater. The evening performance by a Korean Touring Company pleases myself and a sold out crowd.


Panama Hat Although I do not own one, I have recently discovered that The Panama Hat is actually from Ecuador.

Like a guy named Dallas from Phoenix!


I hope much has not changed since I last visited Panama. It is a welcoming and beautiful country that offers ease of travel especially for Americans.

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