Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Australia – Cape Tribulation



Map picture

My Great Barrier Experience has been narrowed down as I continue to Cape Tribulation.


Cape Trib 053 11Km south of Daintree a turn is made and shortly I am waiting to cross Daintree River by ferry for (AU$20 Return).




Daintree River A five minute or less ride/pull on a double cable car ferry and I am about 45 minutes away from Cape Tribulation where I will spend the night.




Cape Trib 001 Good portions of the road is produces a scenic coastline then I am under the canopy of the rain forest using single lane bridges to cross creeks and rivers.




Cape Trib 058

A lone on the road I stop on the bridges to watch the rivers or creeks pass beneath me.


Cape Trib 020 In Cape Tribulation my ultimate introduction to the rain forest begins.






Cape Trib 027 On trail walks leaves fall as the wind picks up in advance of frequent but short lived rain storms.





Cape Trib 028 Under some areas of the forest,  the rain becomes a drizzle buffered by the towering trees above.











Cape Trib 036I am truly experiencing the rain forest!





With a rising tide, water fills the areas below my path and I watch as a fish rejoices at being freed from its mud hole prison.


Cape Trib 025 The mangrove trees are huge here and are an important life blood of the forest.





Cape Trib 018 Inside A Rain Forest Tree







Cape Trib 022 Rain Forest Bouquet



Cape Trib 014 At Cape Tribulation Beach the wind has stirred up the surf but I take a swim in the warm waters.





Cape Trib 007 Another rain storm but without the protection of the rain forest as I make my way back to the car.  A drenching but it is nevertheless refreshing as a warm shower.




Safari Hut A Safari Hut, a simple four post structure, single lamp, single fan and bed will provide accommodations for the night at Jungle Lodge(AU$60).



It is from here that I will do my Great Barrier Reef half-day excursion tomorrow morning with Ocean Safari (AU$108).


Reflection It is late afternoon but another reflecting and mesmerizing rain forest walk is in order and not disappointing.





Trunk Wrap Vine Trunk Tree







Step Chilin Chilin In The Rain Forest







Cape Trib 048 Not far from Jungle Lodge is the famous Mason’s Swimming Hole.





Along with a few other daring souls, we convince ourselves The Swimming Hole is crocodile free and maneuver for a sampling of the water.


Geronimo I scream the name of  one of the original American Natives that is not politically correct to say or write anymore as I let go of a tree rope and take the plunge.



“It’s a small world after all, it’s a small world after all, it’s a small, small world”

We take turns at the rope and I guess we were right about the crocodiles.

PK Hostel across the street from Jungle Lodge promises local entertainment for the night but being on “Big Island” time it takes forever to get the show started and my energy expires.


Safari Bedroom I awake in the middle of the night to the rain massaging the roof of my Safari Hut but it soon lures me back to sleep.






Great-White-Shark-1 Tomorrow, I swim with

“The Great White Shark”

Who's afraid of a little sharkie?

Here, sharkie, sharkie. Here!





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