Saturday, July 10, 2010

Pamplona, Explosions!


CanPampExp 002 Exactly at 23:00, multiple explosions and bright lights disturb the otherwise peaceful night sky over Pamplona.




CanPampExp 013 The city's nightly firework show has began.






CanPampExp 017 We are then entertained for about the next 25 minutes by an almost continuous stream of thundering sounds and dazzling lights.




CanPampExp 025 Reds, Greens, Whites, Purples and other colors all take turns illuminating the crowd even doing so sometimes in unison.


The performance is brilliant and matches or exceeds any firework display that I have seen before.


CanPampExp 033


The sky is filled with a sea of reds and white, similar to the attire of most of it's audience as the fireworks show comes to an end. All around spectacular!  The crowd cheers and applauds registering their delight.


CanPampExp 045 Dispersing, some like myself head to a nearby concert area for nightly musical entertainment.




After a few songs I make a dinner run. While hopping a ledge, I find 3 Euros in the grass and with no owners near by to claim it, I guess it is my lucky night!


SamPampD2 001 Not wanting to miss out too much on the night's activities dinner becomes a apple strudel from a pasteleria followed by a Lion candy for desert.



I know what you are thinking, I thought the same thing. Nutritious!



SamPampD2 008 When in Pamplona do as The Pamplonians do.






I use this to make my case as I purchase 1 liter of Coke and a premium 1 liter of boxed Don Simon, Vino Tinto. That’s red wine for you non sophisticated wine drinkers.


PampD1 007                                             Can you  say,





Provided with a cup for 3 Euros my beverages for the evening are covered for the night. I am a free date for myself that to my earlier discovery.




CanPampExp 015







CanPampExp 018


CanPampExp 023







CanPampExp 025


CanPampExp 028








CanPampExp 014


CanPampExp 027


CanPampExp 021







CanPampExp 040

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