Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pamplona, After Dark


CanPampExp 045 Returning to the concert area, a new band has started to set up. From the crowd's reaction, I can tell I am in for a treat.





SamPampD2 010


Doctor Deseo cranks up and soon groups of people,  men  along with women, children and families are dancing all around me.

Although the lyrics are in Spanish, the rhythm and energy moves the entire crowd. Even I cannot resist participating.


Austin Pwrs I now have a sense of how Austin Power became an International Man Of Intrigue. It's the music, baby.

So groovy, yeah baby, yeah!







SamPampD2 009 Why is this picture blurry and my head missing?

Has someone had too many Calimochos?




SamPampD2 016 Laid Back, Pamplona Style!






Walking  around I am soon draw to the sound of a familiar beat, a salsa variation.


SamPampD2 021

Entering a new square with colorfully decorated trees, I am delighted to see hundreds of elderly couples living it up with twirling partners, clapping hands and lots of smiles.

It's not long before I am feeling at home as someone starts a Pamplona Congo Line. A few unfamiliar moves but I think I manage not to embarrass myself.


SamPampD2 024 Either way, I don't think anyone here would care. It's a happy,  go lucky festive atmosphere.





A fresh sampling of Calimocho from a 3 liter container and these senior “kids” aren't going to bed anytime soon.

I must get some rest if I am going to run with the bulls in a few hours. Participating in another local tradition I return to my Hotel room on wheels.


CanVW Unfortunately, my room does not come with wake up service and I hope too many Calimochos won't prevent me from getting  up on time.






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