Friday, July 16, 2010

Spain, Buitrago del Lozoya


Although A1 will take me to Burgos then Pamplona, the scenery so far seems to tempting not to stray a little. My plan is to arrive in Pamplona before the start of fireworks at 11pm.


PampDrive 004 Before long, I take a road less traveled as I depart A1 at exit 74 and find myself in Buitrago del Lozoya.





PampDrive 003 Located here is Museo Picasso.







PampDrive 006 Offering free admission this cute little museum displays some of Picasso's works given to his barber a local from Buitrago.





PampDrive 013 I am unnerved a little by a piece “muerto del toro” as it reminds me of the dangers of what I hope to accomplish in Pamplona.


PampDrive 011 Sharing the building with city hall, I think this museum with it's unique exhibits is worth the stop.





PampDrive 008 



PampDrive 043 Browsing a local hardware store, I purchase a 120 Volt for $E1.40 to replace one I left at a friend's home in Istanbul.

A bargain!




PampDrive 020 A few doors at a grocery store I buy a local beer, salmon pate and a fresh warm baguette.





PampDrive 026 A E$3.00 lunch.


At a nearby park bench, I crack open the salmon pate and with a twist, the end of the fresh broken baguette is coated. Complimented with a sip of cold Mahou beer, my taste buds are pleased with my choice for lunch.


PampDrive 031 I am not sitting long at the bench before it becomes a meeting point for a group of traveling kids.




PampDrive 029 Donde eres?

(Where are you from?)

I exchange questions with a few kids carrying or drinking 2 liters of Coke or Orange soda.




PampDrive 032 Just a few minutes from where I sit is Santa Maria Del Castillo. Located within a fortified enclosure it is a church from the mid 15th century.



PampDrive 040Even with a dimly light interior, the 15th century construction and decor is impressive.


PampDrive 041 During my visit there, I meet the parish priest and exchange pleasantries although mostly with mutual smiles.





PampDrive 042 Leaving Santa Maria I pass through an ancient arch.

The afternoon temperature has risen significantly. The VW air conditioner is welcomed relief.





PampDrive 049 Leaving Buitrago,  I get one more glimpse of this city’s history and don’t miss the chance for a Kodak moment.



jimmy said...

I enjoyed your photos. Thanks for posting them. Got to the site from the link on the Fodor site. Adios.

DMBTraveler said...

Thanks, jimmy. Appreciate it, still about 150 countries to go!