Monday, July 19, 2010

Spain, Drive To Ayllon And Soria


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A short drive along a bypass road and soon I am back on A1. After my last delightful detour, I am not shy about leaving A1 again.

I am becoming more and more comfortable with the Spanish countryside. My VW and I have figured out that there's more than one way to get to Pamplona and we are not afraid to try a few of them.


PampDrive 050Our first opportunity comes at N110 where we exit for Soria.






PampDrive 051 Alone with our thoughts, it is not long before we are captivated with rolling hills, blue skies and a vibrant green landscape which is supported by a bright red soil.


Spain 009 N110 is a comfortable road to drive with good signage and nice scenery.




I pass buses headed to Pamplona and I am reassured that I am heading generally in the right direction.


Nicolas Cage Listening to a local radio, I know Nicolas Cage is somewhere in Las Vegas.

Except that I gather the songs has something to do with relationships or love, I am at a lost.



PampDrive 052 Most areas of the road has a 110-120 kmh speed limit which is pleasantly reduced as I pass through sleepy and almost isolated towns.


PampDrive 053 My spirit of mobility gives me the chance to stop and enjoy some of them as bus loads of tourists now pass me by.




One such stop is in Ayllon, a cool medieval village first occupied by The Celts.


PampDrive 055 After crossing a Roman Bridge now popular with a flock of swans, I park nearby.






PampDrive 056 Walking to the village, I enter through a Roman Arch which use to be a part of Contreras Palace built in 1497.




PampDrive 068 Plaza Mayor



PampDrive 063 Church of San Miguel with a huge bird nest at the top of one of it's steeples.





PampDrive 064 Restaurants with cool colorful bead doors.






PampDrive 062 As I stroll narrow streets, Spanish flags hang from many home and buildings as locals show their support for Espana at the 2010 World Cup in South Africa.



PampDrive 060











PampDrive 065 It is a slow walk back to my car as I wish I could join an older gentleman that seems to have little worries as he enjoys listening to a sports game.

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