Monday, July 19, 2010

Ecuador, Mitdad Del Mundo


Mitdad Monument On the road again but with a better sense of direction, I am headed to Mitdad Del Mundo.




13km North of Quito and I am standing on the Equator as the sun begins to disappear over the nearby mountains.

 Mitdad Band

There is a $4.00 fee to enter the tourist area but well worth it. A large band entertains and soon a few of us are dancing around the Equator.

DB Equator I am at The Equator






Equator Chapel Here there are lots of shops, snack bars, a few restuarants and even a chapel is available if dancing does not suite your fancy.




Night falls as I head back to Quito and I take in the lights of the city from my mountain highway.

Back in Quito, I enjoy a light dinner at Cafe Colon which is open 24 hours.

Located at Hilton Colon, I order Sancocho Quitena an Ecuadorian soup.


The soup is filled  with meat, plantains, yucca, sweet white corn and is delicious. Served with warm bread and olives, it is a treat for only $6.00.

I am exhausted returning to Hostel Revolution but I am looking forward to tomorrow when I try to find my way to Tena.

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