Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spain, I Am Falling Hundreds Of Feet Per Second.


Map picture


In the darkness of my sleep, I sense I am falling hundreds if not thousands of feet per second. Nevertheless, I have little fear as my subconscious mind tells me I am in for a wonderful surprise.


Madrid 052 Peeking from behind heavy eyelids, I open a window shade and my dream perception is confirmed.





Madrid 055 On board Delta 108, we are well into our descent for Madrid, Spain.





Hours ago, somewhere over the North Atlantic dinner was served.  A night cap with a guy named Jack and a girl named Ginger (Jack Daniels and Canada Dry Ginger Ale) and I vaguely remember reclining seat.


Madrid 053


Now I am taking in a view of Spain from thousands of feet up in the air. The skies above are clear and blue accented only by an occasional whisper cloud. The air below is also clear and gives a great view of the Spanish landscape.


Madrid 059 With the morning sun warming it's left side, the airplane's shadow follows us all the way to a smooth touchdown.





 Madrid 073 Bienvenido, A Madrid!


Arriving in Madrid like most European airports the immigration and custom procedures are how they should be at most airports. Most travelers are just that, travelers. Not everyone needs to be treated like a suspect.

Some countries especially the one that starts with the letter “U” needs to take note.


Madrid 074 A brief stop at Tourist Information booth for a Madrid city map and I head over to Sixt to pick up my rental car.




Madrid 075 E$135 for a 3 day rental.

As promised, my car is ready. Sixt runs a nice operation in Madrid.




Capitalizing on “The Spirit Of Mobility”, I start asking questions. Que via a Pamplona?  Which way to Pamplona?  You mean San Fermin? Si, si.

Leaving or arriving at a foreign airport can always be a challenge however exiting the Madrid Airport is a breeze.


Spain 004 I'm soon on A1 headed towards Burgos. It's a beautiful warm day about 82 (28C) degrees.

A1 soon follows open country with rolling hills and distant mountains.




Spain 007 Along the way, I encounter my first bull that I am sure I do not want to tangle with. I keep my distance and ease on down the road.


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