Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Spain, On To Pamplona


osama-bin-laden_wanted-poster Disappointed in my failure to capture America's Most Wanted, I leave El Burgo de Osma.







Baby DMcKB Thankful that I still have my good looks, I press on to Pamplona.  Anyway, who needs a measly 25 million dollars?







Spain 024 Back on N110, I am greeted by more scenery that makes my mission disappointment quickly fade away.



Through Soria, I join N122 then N113 bypassing AP15 a toll road that is faster to Pamplona but I fear less scenic.

This route offers many opportunities for “road less traveled” adventures to Castles, Churches and National Parks.

I can sense I am approaching Pamplona as I occasionally pass bus stops with loads of waiting passengers dressed in white outfits with red sashes and scarves.


Spain 026

Cresting a hill to Pamplona, I pause to take in a sunflower view of the city.





Spain 025


Spain 060 I have arrived.

Let the fireworks begin!





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