Monday, July 19, 2010

Spain, I Have Found Osma!


I am excited. I am going to be rich. I think I have found where America's No.1 wanted has been hiding.


dave-chapelle-as-rick-james1 With at least a $25 million reward, Rick James is not going to have anything on me.




2005-touareg-w12-speedometer-1024x768 Even the VW is excited as it's speedometer needle goes places it has not boldly gone before.




The kilometers are flying by. I now wish I had one of those GSM phone to call for back up but this seems like a mission I must accomplish alone.

Thank goodness it is not impossible.


Spain 014 I can't believe my luck.






Spain 016 Signs are pointing to Osma everywhere.

Are these people crazy, Bienvenidos?



I quietly roll into and begin my search only to discover there are no caves to hide a coward.


Spain 018 All I find is a sleepy town.





Spain 019 A bus station.






Spain 020 And a public square where there is free public Wi-Fi and a place to buy ice cream!


vanna Can someone get me Vanna White on the phone, I think I need to buy a vowel.

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