Monday, July 19, 2010

Ecuador, Mariscal At Night


Brahma-Chopp-Long-Neck After checking into Hostel Revolution, I unwind in the bar/rec room with a large $1.75 bottle of Brahma Beer.

It's cold and goes down smooth.

With local maps and tour books from the receptionist/bartender, I begin to get the lay of the land.

A few games of backgammon and I am ready to explore Quito at night. I am given safety warnings about the area and advised to take a taxi nearby.

My sights are set on Mariscal,  a "touristy" part of New Quito. Mariscal is the area that holds promise for a vital nightlife.

A $2.00 taxi ride and fifteen minutes later the air is filled with city noise, music and the sounds of Saturday Night In The Big City.

Mariscal Neon lit bars, full service restaurants and local fast food joints line the streets along with "cigarillos and chiclet" vendors.


There is also a small but hardly noticeable police presence that's comforting. To get a good feel for the area, I maneuver off the busy streets and soon stumble on a night food stand in front of a local home.


Secos de Pollo Offering "Secos Pollo plus Cola" for $2.00.

How can I resist?





Quito Homecooking

A fire is lit under a large pan and I am soon served rice, yucca and a large chicken wing with a mild sauce.


Front Yard dining

Before long,  I am sitting at a round plastic orange table having dinner in someone's front yard.

An old TV with rabbit ears provides dining entertainment.


The food is tasty and the ambiance is just right. As I leave, I avoid tripping over the homemade wiring that's powering the TV from somewhere in the darkness of the yard.


Although it's near 11pm, I am still in for sampling more local food.

For a $1.50, A Sharwma seems appealing.


Chicken, lettuce, French fries and salsa wrapped in a warm tortilla. Muy deliscioso! (Very Delicious!)


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