Thursday, June 24, 2010

Japan - Narita



Map picture


US Customs Declaration Form

The primary purpose of your visit business? Unfortunately, I have had to answer “Yes” on all of my trips to Japan.





Picture 232 Mostly confined to Narita because of work an afternoon stroll takes me by rice fields as I make my way into town.




I am greeted by curious stares and stop at a few local 7-11’s to sample snacks. I like shrimp flavored chips and stock up.


Picture 470

Preparation for a religious parade ceremony.






Picture 426 During my trips to Narita, along with others I have eaten my share of  “The Yellow Awning” fresh made gyozas and drank a fair amount of Sapporo and Kirin beer.


Given the opportunity, I never miss out on gyoza and always enjoy them dipped in Asian style hot sauce. For the most part the same applies to beer but without the hot sauce!


Picture 215 A visit to Narita would not be complete without a side trip to Tokyo. However, I am up for a little more adventure with an overnight trip to Mt. Fuji. I understand to see the sunrise there is spectacular.



Picture 233I am fluent in Japanese, I think.  Does that sign say train to Mt. Fuji station leaves at 6:36pm?





I am surprised how densely populated Tokyo is as I take in a 40 miles per hour view of the city from the train. About 13 million.


Picture 261 A late train arrival at Shin-Fuji Station and I have missed the last bus to Mt. Fuji.

Kuso! (Damn)



Although there were numerous car rental agencies around the train station, I am disappointed that none of them would rent me a car without an International Drivers License.

Since then with a couple of mug shots and fifteen dollars, I have gone to my local AAA office and I now have one. Yip pee!

Today, like Karl Malden and American Express Travel Cheques famous 1970 slogan …  “I don't leave home without it”.


Picture 405 I do eventually get to see Mt. Fuji but for me unfortunately from the wrong altitude.




I hope someday to return to Japan as a backpacker and discover more of “The Land of The Rising Sun” with The Okinawa Aquarium high on my list.

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