Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Turkey, Spice Market And Beyoglu


No wake up call this morning and I get to sleep in until around 10am. Tony returns from morning errands with fresh olive bread to compliment are normal breakfast servings.



A late start to the day and we stop at a local mom and pop restaurant before another road trip to Istanbul.





Mini olive filled pastries and lentil soup then grape leaf wraps with yogurt fill our stomachs for lunch.





SAM_0964 Lunch servings









On the road again we are headed to the Spice Market which dates back to1597.


SAM_0966Turkish Rain ….Turkish Rain and I think Prince must be in town.





For the past two days the city has had a constant dousing of rain and it's continues as we walk across a plaza towards the Spice Market.



Mounds and ….







SAM_0977 Mounds and …






SAM_0975 Mounds of fresh spices along with more and more stories over flowing with all kinds of merchandise.





SAM_0979 There is even one store personally recommended by President Obama.




This place like the Grand Bazaar is a shoppers paradise and we are not immune.


SAM_0982 For about YTL$6, less than US$5 we purchase a few “kilos” of fresh red cherries and small green tart Turkish plums.






SAM_0985 Outside The Spice Market, a large gathering of pigeons at a nearby mosque provide entertainment as they are fed seeds purchased from a pigeon food vendor.


Interestingly the pigeons know to stay away from the unsold food.


Canon 300 Inside the mosque more beautiful tiled domes and stained glass windows.



Canon 305 We relax and watch the Muslim faithful in prayer.






Canon 303 Facing Mecca









SAM_1033 Rain is still falling as we go back in time with Tony. No longer able to fight of the Turkish Rain, we break down and become Umbrella Godfathers.


Located at the opposite side of the historical Istanbul we are in Beyoglu.


SAM_0998 For a few liras we board a modernized subway car on one of the oldest subways in the world, IERA established in 1817.



It is a one way ride as we retrace the steps Tony took to school many, many years ago.


Canon 310 Next a trolley car ride along Istiklal Caddesi but without the San Francisco Rice-A-Roni ... “lets hang outside” experience.



SAM_0999 Beyoglu Trolley Car








Canon 316 Disembarking near St. Antuan Church we begin a walk along Istiklal Caddesi.





SAM_1012 A photo op at  Tony's old school, Galatasary High School then he excitingly takes us to his favorite desert spot, INCI.




Samsung 616 For YTL$5 we have died and gone to Turkish Chocolate Heaven taken there by “Profiteroles” a reverse custard filled √©clair covered in chocolate. Fortunately, our calories are forgiven.



SAM_1023 Don’t worry I told them to save some for you.







SAM_1035 Past street vendors we continue our and it ends at a sculpture of  Ataturk the founder of the Turkish Republic and members of the new order.




Samsung 636








Another fun filled day in The Capital Of The Old World, Istanbul.




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