Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Zealand, Christchurch Stroll


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The promised and I am told much needed rain along with a cold dampness fills the air as I begin my morning walkabout.



Christchurch SquareA short stop at The Cathedral Square Visitor Center and I pick up a free City Walk brochure.







Avon River Flowers Accompanied by a stiff breeze, rain is still lightly falling but not enough to discourage me.





Along Worcester Boulevard I head for Cambridge Terrace and Avon River.  I follow Cambridge Terrace towards Antigua Street Boatsheds an important part of the river and city's history.




Antigua Boatshed Antigua Boat Sheds And Punting In The Park




Punting BoatsDucks send warning signals to each other and scatter as I approach them loafing near the river banks.





At Antigua Boatsheds the weather does not allow for morning punting.  Not the same as in American Football but an authentic Edwardian punt ride along the Avon River (NZ$20).


Punting RidesPunting In The Park


I am starting to feel a chill as my “waterproof” clothing does not seem to be working as advertised. I enter Botanic Gardens and seek refuge at the Canterbury Museum.


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