Sunday, June 13, 2010

Turkey, Hagia Sophia And The Million Stone



Istanbul Samsung 033 “Breakfast is ready”, I hear after I am awaken by two or three knocks on my bedroom door.





It's about an hour drive to Hagia Sophia and Tony is excited that we get there ahead of the tour bus crowds.

Fresh tomatoes, slices of cucumbers, olives, bread and of course hot tea satisfies our early morning appetites then we hit the road.



Istanbul Canon 046 Arriving at Hagia Sophia, Tony treats to a traditional Turkish ice cream that is skillfully served with slight of hand magic.





Istanbul Samsung 040 A firm frozen yogurt type texture in various flavors. My choice,  strawberry topped with crushed pistachios. Life is good when you can have ice cream before noon.





Canon 150




Canon 095 After a YTL$20 entrance fee and security search we are admitted to the grounds of Hagia Sophia.





Canon 147The Foundation Of Istanbul Mosaic.






Dating back to 324 A.D, Hagia Sophia has been used as a church and a mosque until converted to a museum in 1935.


Canon 109Mosque History







Canon 127 Jesus and John The Baptist





Today, it is Turkey's most visited site. It's history can still be seen in the beautiful mosaics, murals and artifacts that remain.



Canon 102





Canon 104 Inside Sophia Hagia







Istanbul Samsung 058 Illuminating Stain Glass








Istanbul Samsung 051Gigantic Marble Water Vase








Health and happiness are my wishes as I stick my thumb in a column and rotate my hand 360 degrees without dislocating a joint.



Istanbul Samsung 064I am at “The Wishing Column” located on the second floor of the museum.







Istanbul Canon 098Smiling And Curious Kids







Are you going to Europe from Istanbul? Then I suggest you start at the center of the center.



SAM_0931Located just to the west of Hagia Sophia is “The Million Stone” which marked the center of Istanbul the center of the world during the Byzantine era.

From here all geographical distances were measured and it was the starting point of the road to Europe.





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