Saturday, June 12, 2010

Turkey, Welcome To Istanbul


Map picture


For US$20, I am given a friendly welcome to the former Capital Of The Old World, Istanbul.

A man holds a sign ...”DON BRAUN” (name is close enough) as I exit the arrival area, I think he is my local undercover contact here so I head in his direction.

After a lengthy unwelcome haggling process at Payless Car Rental although I have reservations, I am relieved when “Moose” and I finally leave the airport.



Canon 085 The afternoon traffic is hectic. A sea of red circles fill the windshield as “Moose” takes me to meet our mutual friend, Tony aka “Nur”.




Istanbul Samsung 001As the sun is setting it is a quick welcome at Rose Marine Club, a resort community on The Black Sea.




We are then on our way to do business at the local flea market before it closes.

                                                                                                                                    Istanbul Samsung 003 A bit of friendly bargaining and Nur makes some purchases for his grand kids back in Florida.





Istanbul Samsung 011“Obama, Obama, take my picture”

                                                                                                                                        These are some of the friendly comments from the smiling faces of the flea market merchants as we walk around.



Istanbul Samsung 013

Moose, sampling the merchandise







Istanbul Samsung 018 Free sweet watermelon





Through the the fruit and vegetable area of the market we are offered generous samplings of hazels nuts, olives, sweet cantaloupes and red ripe watermelons. For this price, I could take lots of pictures.


Istanbul Samsung 021       Delicious Sesame Seed Bread


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