Thursday, June 3, 2010



For no particular reason,  I am not done driving for the day as I approach Christchurch  so I continue south.


Duvauchelle I am now exploring The Banks Peninsula on the road to Akaroa.





Even though it is raining and night is falling the scenery compels me to keep driving.

Blue Lake Sunset I don’t know if my visual senses and or my camera is out of whack but  as the sunset sets everything takes on shades of blue.


  Blue Marina                                                                                                                                       What an experience, a blue instead of orange sunset.





The extra driving was worth it until I make my final stop at the end of  the road. Apparently, most of a Akaroa shuts down at 7PM including the gas station. I am in a calm panic with less than a quarter tank of gas and lots of miles to go.

My return is going well with the aide of coasting down hills and not watching the gas gauge. Every small town I drive by is shut down for the night and I am thinking I will be shutting down soon myself.

My pulse races as I get the final warning from of my situation from the fuel light. However, I am some what comforted by the occasional town in the distance or passing motorist. The “Kiwi’s” have been hospitable to me so far and I am sure someone will help if my situation worsens.

I turn the radio off and pretend the fuel light is not on while changing my breathing. About 30 miles outside of Christchurch I pull into a gas station under my own power. I say a thank you prayer and promise not to do that again until the next time!

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