Tuesday, June 1, 2010



Auckland Airport

Auckland Airport






Golden Bay At 2:20pm I am airborne and with a window I can see New Zealand from 30,000 feet as the pilots point out various landmarks.



South Island Snow

I blink and have to turn myself upside down as I see mountain tops covered with snow as we fly southbound. The south is suppose to have sunshine not snow. Imagine if you went from New York to Florida for snow skiing.

I guess I'll have to become a Kiwi to understand what's wrong with this picture.

Xbase Hostel A NZ$7 bus fare and I am at X Base Christchurch a primarily backpacker hostel for the evening.




Christchurch Cathedral Christchurch Cathedral






Lip Luggage Lip Luggage






Trolley Trolley






Avon  River Garden Avon River Garden






It is cool almost cold here but for some reason I feel the need to stroll around in shorts and flip flops. Although my toes object, it's refreshing and makes me walk faster.

Woolshed Bar & Bistro promises Huge Meals and A Fun Atmosphere so I decide to take them up on it.


Maori Street PerformersA good walk down Manchester Street from X base but along the way a Maori group is performing outside Cathedral Center.



Soon I am having a steak that I drizzle with mint sauce and a couple of pints for NZ$19.


Brain Stem Shots It is a fun atmosphere as I watch bartenders artistically make various drinks and shots. A Brain Stem being a classic. Sambuca, Bailey's & Cherry Apricot for the stem.


Here, I meet a local tour bus driver who gives me some great tips for sightseeing tomorrow. I can’t wait!


If You Always Walking around I stumble on this sign which seems very applicable to life not just here but everywhere.




If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got! How true.





Memorial Bridge






Cathedral At Night


Canterbury Museum Canterbury Museum






Back at Xbase, I go to bed excited about what tomorrow brings.

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