Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Turkey, Divanyolu


Canon 224

Moose looks on as Tony cannot resist the urge to buy another old fashioned toy for his grand kids. I think his purchases brings back fond memories of his childhood here.


Soon enough we continue our walk along Divanyolu but without the pageantry of the council of ministers from yesteryear's. However, Divanyolu is still one of the main happening streets in Istanbul.

At the corner of Babtali Street we find an octagonal shape building, the tomb of Mahmud The Second (1840).


Canon 229 Removing our shoes, we enter the scared tomb and learn a little about the Sultans laid to rest here along with other Royal Family members.



Its is displayed that Sultan Mahmud The Second had thirty three kids. I believe eighteen girls and fifteen boys.


Istanbul Canon 187Outside the tomb many Ottoman nobles and those that served them are buried.





Istanbul Canon 181 A fresh grave is evidence of a recent burial of a ninety year old Royal Family member from France.




A day full of sightseeing and the night sky warns of rain as we make our way to dinner. Moose maneuvers narrows streets lined with cars before we receive valet parking at a multi floor restaurant overlooking Istanbul Bogazi (Bosphorus).


Canon 235 Fresh hummus, warm flat bread and a salad with tomatoes, parsley, corn and nuts gets dinner of to a good start.



Istanbul Canon 194 Lamb rolled in a pastry tortilla sprinkled with parsley and served with grilled vegetables. Palette Pleasing Delicious …. PPD.



For culinary diversity Moose order a Turkish lettuce wrap that contains parsley, peppers, lemon and “sushi lamb”.


Canon 239 I enjoy spicy food and this delivers a kick that leaves a fire on my tongue.





Istanbul Canon 199 My tongue is almost back to normal when a rich flaky custard filled pie with crushed pistachios arrives for desert.




Istanbul Canon 198 I do my part for mankind and I make sure that others are free from the burden of high calories.




A planned hillside tour for night view of the Istanbul is bypassed as the city becomes drenched in a cleansing rain.


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