Sunday, June 6, 2010

Hungary For A Day, Welcome To Budapest


Map picture


After a bus to train transfer from the airport, I arrive at DEAK TER metro station. As I leave the depths of the Hungarian Underground, I am welcomed above with the smell of fresh warm baked bread.

Budpest Canon 007I discover this pleasing scent is coming  from a pastry and coffee shop at the top of the escalator. 




Above ground, I am given a quick introduction to the beautiful Hungarian architecture within a brief walking distance from the metro station.



Budpest Canon 004Budapest Lutheran Church on Deak Square (1797)



Budpest Canon 006  Deak Ter Metro Station





Budpest Canon 002Saint Stephen’s Dome






Criss crossing the city to get my bearing, I find myself at Saint Stephen the largest church in Hungry. Built between 1851 and 1905 it still has a towering presence.



SAM_0519  Saint Stephen Church


Budpest Canon 003 Saint Stephen Interior




This quick tour near Deak Square provides an impressive introduction to what Budapest has to offer.


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