Friday, June 18, 2010

Turkey, Museum Of Archaeology


No rain as promised as I begin my last day for sightseeing in Istanbul. Although later in the morning, it is stop and go traffic most of the way to The Museum of Archaeology.


istanbul-public-transit-collage I wish we were on the mass transit system located in a middle lane where passengers board triple length buses to and from Istanbul.



The traffic congestion continues in the city but Moose is lucky to find us street parking.

 Samsung 689                                                                                                                                   Nearby we stop at Ak Doner and sit on a street patio for lunch.





Fond of lamb, I am consuming as much of it as I can at very reasonable prices.


RJ Samsung 171 A foot long Doner for YTL$6 helps me with my goal.







Samsung 684 Nice weather, good friends good food that’s always worth a smile.





A quick ice cream stop and I watch as the ice server frustrates more than entertains his young customer.


Samsung 696 She just wants her “damn” ice cream!






Samsung 695 Fresh Bread Maker







Samsung 705 Next I am having my future told by a White Rabbit fortune teller.

DMB In Wonderland!





Samsung 702I am happy to know the rabbit thinks I am going to be wealthy because I could use some dough.



Preferably,  Benjamins  (US$100 Bills).


Canon 421 For YTL$10 we enter The Museum of Archaeology.





Canon 414 Here artifacts and sculptures from 4th Century B.C to the 19th Century are exhibited.




Canon 374 Some missing a few body parts but not bad for being thousand of years old.




Canon 401 Some just lay around and make no bones about it.





Canon 377 Some even just get stoned.






Samsung 709

Also displayed various sarcophaguses including one believed to belong to Alexander The Great (333 B.C)


Canon 382 Coming face to face with some of these statues is very impressive.




With a good sampling of museums, historical sites and Turkish cuisine, I a looking forward to my next Turkish experience, a bath.


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