Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Zealand, Xbase Christchurch


Map picture


Checking into my dorm for the evening, greetings are exchanged with my five roommates representing Ireland, England and Holland.


DSC00927 Around 12am the fire alarm sounds and the building is evacuated. Most of the occupants wait outside in the rain as the cause of the alarm is investigated by the local fire department.


Those of us that are slow to react to the alarm only make it to the lobby before an all clear is made and we are allowed to return to our rooms.

Some of my roommates that were in the bar “Saint and Sinners” think the alarm was just a rouse to get them out. Small talk is made about our various plans for the next day and then an amusing but fun discussion takes place about the grammatical issues of the English language.

What is correct, they are or they’re, there or their? When do you use of or off? The examples for that one produces laughter crosses international lines.

Clocks, laptops and cellphone alarms are soon set as most of us will be early risers. I's reckon we is all hav a busy day a head (Bubba English 101).


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