Friday, August 6, 2010

Spain, Navalcarnero


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Spain 408 An early morning start leaving Segovia, I navigate my way through mountainous road and appealing scenery as I head towards Toledo.



Along M600 the town seems still asleep as I make a brief stop in Navalcarnero which is located southwest of Madrid.


Spain 187

My introduction to the town is a replica of “Casa de la Cadena” where in October 1649 King Philip IV and Queen Mariana of Austria spent their honeymoon.


Spain 189 A flock of small black birds hover over head in the early morning sun as I walk the quiet streets for a tour of the city.




Spain 190 A mix of modern and ancient comes into view as a Bank of Madrid ATM machine remains in the shadow while the sun highlights the walls of Iglesia Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion.



Spain 210

Our Lady Of Assumption Church where construction began in 1520. The smell of baked goods permeates the air as I continue my walk.


Spain 194 I am greeted with “Ola, que tal” as I pass a group of young ladies while following my nose to fresh churros being made.



Spain 196 For less than one euro, I have a small bag full of them.





Spain 195 Frying Churros


Spain 197 There are all kinds of options for walking around town.





Spain 199 From Plaza de la Puerta del Sol to Parque  Historico de San Sebastian all within 5 to 10 minutes walking distance.




Spain 203 The area is also a wine producing region of Spain and has its own Museo del Vino.

A curious sight down on street lined with homes of former noblemen and gentlemen of the area. I site a car packed full of white dogs.

Spain 201 A photo opp for sure but the driver is reluctant even as I do so from a distance. I wonder what is he afraid of?

The dogs seemed happy.  Woof, Woof!



Spain 205 Down more narrow streets where I have the opportunity to purchase for E$1 peeled sunflower seeds.

Sunflower seeds in can, interesting.



Spain 193 I eventually return to Our Lady Of Assumption Church.





Spain 212 A visit inside Our Lady Of Assumption Church allows for a few moments of peace and relaxation before I continue my journey to Toledo.






Spain 209 Streets of Navalcarnero


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