Friday, August 6, 2010

Spain, Toledo


Map picture


Spain 214 From a distance I am taken back in time as I glimpse the hilltop city of Toledo a former capital of the Spanish Empire. The city's huge castle dominates the skyline.



Spain 219 Approaching Toledo, I have a close up panorama view that is stunning.


Spain 216 My Canon Rebel XS and  Samsung SL605 are busy capturing the moment.





Spain 220 I circle the city before crossing a bridge. Climbing a two lane perimeter road I am soon bouncing along narrow cobble stone streets in search of parking.


With secured indoor parking, I begin a map less walk around the maze of narrow streets.


Spain 228

The Cathedral with it's towering dominance is not too difficult to find. Just keep looking skyward.


Spain 235

Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed inside.





Spain 239 Nonetheless, the exterior is just as impressive. Although aging, the work of delicate craftsman can still be seen.







Spain 240 Toledo Cathedral

I am not sure why but besides the normal shops and restaurant, Toledo has to me an unusual amount of shops that sells knives. Maybe it is a city that is still on the cutting edge of things.


Spain 246 At Cafe del Fin, I enjoy the daily lunch special.






Spain 245 For about E$10.00 with free Wi-Fi I have grilled steak, fries, a salad and a couple of cold ones.




Spain 252 Back to walking again I find myself lost, I think.






Spain 253 “Dad we have been this way before” I hear a son tell his father who is rotating a map back and forth in his hand.




Spain 241 I find this amusing.  I keep pretending as if I know where I am going.

Enjoying the scenery.

I just hope they do not ask me for directions.



Spain 250 Up one steep street and down another beautiful flowers hang from balcony windows.

Truly in a maze it is hard to have a sense of direction.


Another 10 minutes of not being lost and I come across the same family again. This time the wife has a level of confidence about their situation.

“This is the restaurant I think we ate lunch at”. At least she did not say “There's the same guy we saw 10 minutes ago, let's ask him”. Whew!

Ultimately, I find my car after doubling back a few times. I hope that family eventually made it out of Toledo.


Spain 223 Joining A-40 I am on my way to Madrid taking good memories of an afternoon spent in Toledo with me.




Spain 217 City Of Toledo, Spain


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