Friday, February 1, 2013

Lebanon, The Cedars



ST76 JAN23 041Leaving the main highway between Tripoli and Beirut, early on I can see that I am going to be in for a treat as I make my way to see one of the symbols of Lebanon. Past another military check point I begin another climb of sorts towards a mountain pass area.




ST76 JAN23 042Hills and mountains of various size and shape are on my left with the higher ones topped with snow.








ST76 JAN23 047Mississippi In Lebanon



In an open area I come across an interesting sign, one I would definitely not expect to see in Lebanon.

“Mi-ssi-crooked letter, crooked letter, i-humpback, humpback-i”. I guess there is more than one place in the world where Mississippi is popular.

My journey this afternoon takes me through some of the most fascinating mountain side communities that I have ever seen



ST76 JAN23 051In an area that looks like a mini Grand Canyon buildings seem to hang in an unreal way from the cliffs and gorgeous hillsides. From the edges of a portion of these striking cliffs an occasional waterfall can been seen tumbling to floor of the canyon below.






CAN Jan 25 007



Navigating the narrow mountainous roads through these communities is just as spectacular and stunning as the views.

With the sun fading in the west, the sides of the hills begin to glow shades of orange not only from building lights now being turned on but from the sun doing its magic artwork. It all seems a bit surreal.


ST76 JAN23 049Although I know better, snow is not the first thing that comes to mind when I think about the Middle East.

However, as my elevation continues to increase the mountains here are covered with winter's soft white touch.






CAN Jan 25 010The Cedars Of Lebanon



In one area I am enclosed between walls of it as I approach The Cedars.  Cresting a small hill, a symbolic representation of Lebanon comes into view. Although much of daylight has gone, the amazing view is only slightly diminished.


CAN Jan 25 023My drive back to Beirut is under the cover of darkness and yet the mountains around me still sparkle with beauty.

Even a roadside reminder of the season just past adds a nice touch to the scenery.





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