Monday, February 4, 2013

Kuwait, Some Real Fresh Foods



ST76 JAN26 005A stop at a marina and I stroll towards a big building that contains a fish market.

Bustling with activity, here you can purchase some of the fresh catch of the day and some of the biggest shrimp that I have ever seen.







ST76 JAN26 006Huge Fresh Shrimp



ST76 JAN26 008I have to make several “I am just looking” comments as the fish merchants are eager to do business.







Connected to the fish market in the building next door is a fresh meat market. Here I get a first time experience inside a real butcher shop thanks to the locals who are so friendly and willing to satisfy my curiosity.



ST76 JAN26 012Realizing that I don't speak Arabic they call over a gentlemen that speaks English in order to extend their hospitality.





I get to watch the shop in action although it makes me nervous seeing one of the butchers cut small pieces of the meat with a buzzing chain saw. I do get to have my picture taken next to some home grown Kuwaiti sheep that are so fresh they are still dripping in blood. Sorry, PETA.

Next it's the fresh fruit and vegetables vendors with all sorts of goodies that makes me want to get a huge stir fry going.

Instead, I go into the supermarket portion of The Sultan Center to do a little shopping and hopefully find a date or two. After all, It's Just Lunch,Time.



ST76 JAN26 014Nice Imported Dates



I find my dates but they are not Kuwaiti Nationals. They are from Tunisia and Saudi Arabia. I get them wrapped up to go and then get an order of Lamb briyani from the deli area.


ST76 JAN26 016I hope it is as delicious as it looks.








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