Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thailand, The Long Way To Ko Samui


It's about 6pm in the evening when I leave my hotel for a walk to the main train station in Bangkok. I am on my way to catch an overnight train to Ko Samui one of Thailand's Island paradise.


ST76 FEB01 042A few minutes past our 7:30pm departure, I am swaying back and forth in a reclining second class seat as steel wheels start spinning on Track No. 4. I settle in for twelve hours of this which I hope will soon rock me to sleep.




I am not sure what time it is but somewhere down the line I wake up to rays of sunshine splashing across my face. Unfortunately, there is still a few hours to go before I get off the current track that I am on.



KOSAMUI 010About 7:30am we arrive in Surat Thani then it is a bus ride with a very special passenger onboard.






For most of the next two hours or so a few of us laugh as one Mr. Bean entertains us with some of that famous British humor and I think he never even says a word.

Next, it is a 45 minute “Fast-Ferry” ride then an expensive by Thailand standard ($200 Baht) to my hotel. In total about 17 hours to Ko Samui by train, bus and boat compared to a one hour expensive flight from Bangkok.



Chaweng 002Chaweng Beach Ko Samui


Walking Chaweng beach and feeling the warm waters beneath my feet, I think this I would have been a worthwhile trip even if it took 117 hours.




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