Saturday, February 2, 2013

Thailand, Amazing Street Food


If you have the stomach for it and you have no fear of it, the street food in Bangkok can be some of the best flavors and taste in the city.

From fresh fruits to fried food, hot soups and hot meals at bargain prices, there is no reason not to at least sample this form of some of Thailand's culinary delights.

For the many times I have been in Thailand my favorite street food is still Pad Thai and I at least return to the same location every time to get some of it.


SAM_1369At the exit of the Ratchathewi BTS station next to the Asia Hotel car park entrance is in my opinion one of the best street Pad Thai stands. For THB$50 (less than US$2) you can get the works with shrimp then sit down and enjoy it right on the available sidewalk seating.





SAM_1366Street Pad Thai. What a treat!



Another street food favorite of mine is what I call a purple flesh sweet potato (yam).


029For THB$30, you can sample one as you exit the canal boat at Panfa Leelard the last stop on the Golden Mount Line a popular route to visit the Grand Palace. I think the same lady has been there since 2007 just to your left as you reach street level.




On this trip I get to sample a fruit I have always had a curiosity about. To me, the largest tree grown edible fruit taste like a pineapple although it has a more firm and sort of crunchy texture. Do not let the looks of the Jack Fruit scare you away. It'll only cost you about THB$20, less than a US$1 to give it a try.



SAM_1351Jack Fruit



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