Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Burma, Old School Asia


From my own lack of knowledge of Burma/Myanmar recent developments, I am surprised to see such a modern airport at Yangon International Airport. Even more surprising is how friendly the Immigration and Customs officials are for a country that makes itself a bit of a challenge to visit.




ST76 FEB01 005Beautiful Wall Mural Yangon Airport



Finished with all the arrival formalities I share a taxi with two other Americans into the city center where our hotels are located. Not too far from the airport I begin to see signs of old Burma that are still lingering on as the country as a whole is slowly moving towards modernization.



SAM_1380Checking into my room at the MGM, a far far stretch from the one in Las Vegas, Nevada, I get a real sense of what life must have been like here 10-20 years ago.





My room is simple with no wall outlets as such with some of the electrical wiring running on the exterior of the walls. More interesting is that it has a couple of oversized surge protectors and/or electrical filters with meters that must be switched on to allow my air conditioner and television to work properly.


SAM_1379Yes, there are modern hotels here but not with this type of cool stuff.

Staying at a hotel like MGM is the kind of Myanmar experience that I want.





Although not quite up to my favorite Motel 6 standards, MGM has a friendly staff, the room is clean and the bed is comfortable.

Also, no doubt like Motel 6, I am sure when I return from my evening outing the lights will on.



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