Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Burma, A Sample Of Life Along The Yangon River



SAM_1382Standing on a pier I observe some of the daily life activities along the Yangon River as the distinctive “putt putt” of many of Asia's small river boats echo in the background.





Below me it is interesting to watch as a boat owner works on one of these beauties. A part is added then the motor is hand cranked and comes to life like a Caterpillar. Cool.



SAM_1385Typical Motor On Small River Boats


Looking in the distance a group that my initials “DMB” has on occasion being confused with comes to mind as I see what appears to be “Ants Marching”. While further investigation reveals humans not “Antz”, there is some similarity to the normal actions of our six legged friends.



SAM_1386From two trucks parked on the street a continuous line of men are carrying huge sacks of goods across a bridge to a docked ship.

As the sacks are retrieved, the men are given different colored sticks which I presume are used to get paid later for their hard work.





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