Monday, February 25, 2013

Thailand, Return To Bangkok From Ko Samui


With traditional taxis charging about $600 Baht for a one way trip back to the port, I decide to try another alternative. 


KOSAMUI 002For $300 Baht, still more than twice what a local would pay, I am on the back of a scooter for the about 20 mile journey.

This turns out not to be too bad of a deal as I get to do some sightseeing although the driver has a helmet and I don't.


The weather is just as beautiful as the day I arrive and I enjoy some of it on the exterior deck of the ferry as we speed our way to Suratthani. In the distance I can see a few of the islands that are definitely worth a visit if I ever return to this part of Thailand.




KOSAMUI 003Ko Samui Fast-Ferry



Although I have a Second-Class seat on the 6:30pm train to Bangkok, I opt to exchange my ticket for an earlier train in a lesser class of service.


KOSAMUI 011Interestingly, it will cost me more for less. My ticket is refunded but only for 50% of the original price.This is applied to the price of my new fare.

For about $20 Baht more, I now have a Third-Class seat and will be traveling like many of the locals do.




I settle in for at least another twelve hour journey and get to see some more of Thailand's countryside as the sun sets to the west. Somewhere along the way I am rocked to sleep but wake up to the smell of smoke and the train at a stop out in the middle of nowhere.

There is some commotion in the car as members of the train staff rapidly walk by communicating with each other over hand held radios. This causes small talk among the passengers as we all want to know what is going on.

I hope this is not a regular occurrence but apparently a person was hit by a south bound train and had a leg severed which crew members of our train was in the process of recovering. I think they were successful in doing so as later on the train was met with flashing red lights at a station stop.



KOSAMUI 022With our journey resumed I get to chat a few minutes with a gentleman selling custom made jewelry.

He tries his best to convince me to buy a fish bone bracelet which I am told is a one of a kind item.





KOSAMUI 020Trendy here but probably not on 5th Ave, at least not yet.









KOSAMUI 029Bangkok Main Train Station at 6am



Around 5:30am my journey ends were it began a few days ago. The city is starting to come alive along the tracks as we rock and roll our way back into the main train station in Bangkok.  


KOSAMUI 036For me, it's time to watch Super Bowl XLVII.

Go Ravens!






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