Monday, February 4, 2013

Kuwait, Should I Stay Or Go


During the boarding process of my flight to Kuwait City I engage in a conversation with a flight attendant about my reason for going to Kuwait. My response surprises her as in her opinion not too many people go to Kuwait for vacation as there is really not much to do or see there. She does offer that the Old Souk might be interesting to see and she does enjoy the fresh seafood there.


ST76 Jan 25 023By the time I am squared away in Kuwait City with a rental car and have checked into my hotel I have time for just a short night drive into the city.






CAN Jan 25 028I am beginning to agree with the flight attendant's point of view especially after seeing a few of the road signs like crossing a red light leads to death or prison.

Having to go through a random police checkpoint in the city did not help my impression either.







CAN Jan 25 024Liberation Tower Kuwait City, Kuwait



However, seeing the Liberation Tower lit up night with a full moon in the background was worth the drive.


CAN Jan 25 026I hope my planned drive tomorrow gives me a better impression of the place few people seem to visit for vacation.

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