Monday, February 4, 2013

Kuwait, Sand and Fog



ST76 JAN26 001I leave Times Square Hotel in the early afternoon headed south along Highway 30 with my destination about 20kms away.

There I hope to see some of the “Super Tankers” that transport Kuwait's most important product to the rest of the world.



Not far along Highway 30 the skies become covered with a dense desert fog. Leaving the highway and driving along the coastline, I have to use my imagination and map reference to know there is a beach and ocean waters beyond the palm trees that line the highway.

I arrive at the port area where I expect to see “Super Tankers” and I looking more at a military secure type installation than a shipping port. I am told by an employee that with the current conditions it is difficult from our vantage point to see the ships in port. Maybe at night through the haze one might be able to see the outline of the tankers.



ST76 JAN26 003



At a marina nearby the visibility is so poor because of the fog at 1:30 in the afternoon that you can barely see out to sea. The visibility has to be less than a quarter mile.


ST76 JAN26 005After spending some time at a close fresh meat, fish and fruit market the weather somewhat improves as I drive back to Kuwait City although the skyscrapers are still shrouded in fog.








ST76 JAN26 023Fog Shrouded Kuwait City



My next destination is the Kuwait Towers one of the city's famous landmark or eyesore for some. About a US$3 admission fee allows you to visit the observation level of one of these beauties.


ST76 JAN26 020Approaching the ticket window, I feel like I have just arrived at Wally World.

The Kuwait Towers are closed for renovation.

Until when, nobody seems to know.








ST76 JAN26 021 One less thing to do if you visit Kuwait.





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