Saturday, February 9, 2013

Oman, A Beautiful Countryside



OMAN 026I am on the road again and gone are the early morning soothing sunrise colors replaced with brilliant bright blue and clear skies.

The landscape of Oman is stunning as I continue by brief exploration of this so far impressive Gulf State.






OMAN 028




OMAN 048Up steep and curving highways, I am encompassed by beautiful and fantastic mountains with rough and jagged surfaces.

Their off brown colors contrasted against the clear blue skies gives off an amazing impression of beauty.




Descending down one hill I am drawn to pull off the highway. A natural harbor is off my left, its life source hidden by huge hills on both sides. The water here is so calm that its surface reflects attractively the surrounding landscape.




ST76 JAN 28 028Hidden Natural Harbor




OMAN 049Continuing my journey I pass many animals along the highway which is a part of their natural habitat.

They acknowledge my presence with curious stares then continue on life as usual.







ST76 JAN 28 03450-250 Million Year Old Rock Formations



At one point I am standing at an important archeological site where I can view rock formations that are 50 to 250 million years old. This part of the country was once a part of the ocean floor eons ago.

Through more small communities and along mountain highways that are fun to drive, I reach my turn around point. Before I head back to Muscat I walk along a sandy beach that seems to go on for miles as I look out at the Sea of Oman.



ST76 JAN 28 038My return trip is just as amazing although I have traveled the same route just a few hours ago.

I have just seen a small portion of Oman but my exploration has given me an appetite to come back for more to go around and around, again.





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