Friday, February 15, 2013

Burma, The Streets Of Yangon


Leaving the riverfront area a local gentleman grabs my hand as I attempt to cross a busy main street. It seems like since there are no pedestrian crossings it is going to be man versus machine to get to the other side.

My protector wants to increase my odds of winning the battle as he encourages me to wait and to cross the street with him. I am much obliged.



SAM_1381Safely across the street, we formerly introduce ourselves and this good will ambassador welcomes me to Burma.

We part ways and I watch for a few moments a group of young men in a circle playing a game that requires some good skills with your feet.






SAM_1387Burmese Foot Ball



Headed down a main street I am now looking at The Sule Pagoda in the center of Yangon. Back towards the river, I come across an unknown building that is next to the Customs house. The building is similar to ones I have seen in former Eastern Bloc countries. Huge.



SAM_1392Sule Pagoda










Along the riverfront I meet a set of good will ambassadors although I think one of them is looking for a handout. He is so cute I wish I had something other than a smile to offer.



SAM_1399Nonetheless, I have a fun time trying to converse with the rest of them.

I think some of them have fun too as they just keep smiling and giggling.







Billt said...

Does the kid playing football understand what the swastika symbol on his shirt represents?

DMBTraveler said...


I doubt so if you are referencing it to Germany. However, it is interesting that the swastika has been around long before that era.