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Friday, February 8, 2013

Bahrain, Lunch Time


Although The Awal is an older hotel it's comfortable bed and my late night Bollywood experience makes for a late start for my day to tour a bit of Bahrain.



ST76 JAN26B 004This area of Bahrain seems to have a high population of Indians and when I spot an Indian restaurant filled with patrons (all men), I stop in for lunch.





I am somewhat excited by the dining experience that I am witnessing as there are no utensils on the table. Everyone is eating from tapas type serving dishes and they are eating with bare hands. Cool.




ST76 JAN26B 005Why A Fork For Me



I order up and I am a little disappointed when my meal comes with a fork and knife. I thought I had the waiter fooled into thinking I was a local. Obviously, my “Mar ha bah” did not work. Following what I saw others do earlier, I get up from my table and walk to the back of the restaurant. There at a basin I wash my hands and return to my table.

Admittedly, it is a little easier to dig into rice with your fingers than some of the other dishes others are eating. However, I think my act is still not that convincing and I eventually return to the fork.



ST76 JAN26B 006However, I did pick a part a fried fish with my fingers like a local.

As an Islander this is something I have been able to do most of my life.





One custom I pass on is finishing your meal by drinking milk. Milk is then poured onto your plate to sop up whatever is left behind.

Filled from lunch, I retrieve my car from The Awal free parking lot and set off to discover one of the mysteries of Bahrain.

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