Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Kuwait, The Old Souk


Although by no stretch of the imagination would I consider myself a shopper, visiting famous markets in places like the Middle East in my opinion is something worth doing. Seeing the tons and tons of “stuff for sale” that makes the world go around is always interesting.

At first entering the Old Souk in Kuwait City is not that impressive as I enter through an area that looks like a war zone. Dilapidated empty buildings everywhere with stray cats and dogs roaming around alley ways filled with garbage and trash.



ST76 JAN26 029The real meat of the market area comes a few more steps away where the Liberation Tower can be seen in the background.





Like most other markets, The Old Souk is filled with rows and rows of all kinds of items for sale. From fresh meats and vegetables to clothing, nuts and even a fresh fish market. 




ST76 JAN26 030The Old Souk Kuwait City




ST76 JAN26 032In one area I watch craftsmen demonstrating their skills on old Singer sewing machines while making various types of bags and curtains.





However, for me the most interesting area of the market is an open spot where it seems like it is mostly men who are doing the shopping and bargaining.



ST76 JAN26 034As I walk among them I not only see all types of electronic goods and DVD's for sale but I spot what I think is one tough seller.

Sitting somewhat off to the side is a female merchant in what is no doubt a primarily male dominated area.



You go, girl!




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