Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lebanon, A Taste of Beirut Nightlife


One of the things Beirut is known for besides its excellent food, it is the nightlife that can be found here. With one night left in Beirut, I drive over to the Gemmazyeh area to investigate for myself.

Along one of the main streets I discover parking is difficult unless you know where you are going and chose one of the many valet services. Since I am not sure where I am going I cruise the block and eventually find a parking spot one block away from Gourgad Street.



ST76 JAN23 077My first stop along the popular nightlife street is not at a nightclub but at Cosmi.Comsaj a small fast food sort of business.






ST76 JAN23 075For me, Cosmi.Comsaj turns out to be a nice find.

A Chicken Shawarma with Jebneh Sahen Chips is delightfully excellent.





It is Wednesday night and in checking out the more busy music venues none of them grabs my attention except one that requires a reservation to get into.

Maybe if I was willing to depart with a few hundred Lebanese pounds I may have managed to make my way in but I move on.




ST76 JAN23 078No Justin Biebers Allowed


Down a side street I stop to take a picture of a funny sign at another nightclub and the door swings open as I am doing so. For a split second I feel uneasy as a bouncer is steering at me but then he beckons me over. He invites me in with an apology that there is only room at the bar.



ST76 JAN23 080I have just entered Jukebox a small unpretentious bar with a DJ spinning some tunes I am familiar with.

As I make my way to the bar I am given a few “high-fives” and smiling welcomes from a few of the patrons.




Not long after, I am chatting it up with a few of them who make me feel right at home. Later in the evening to my surprise one of the locals takes this one step further as she gets up on the bar to request that the DJ stop the music.

With drinks raised in the air a toast is made to America and the American in the room. Now if that does not make a guy feel special and at home, I don't know what would unless you under 18 years old because no Justin Biebers are welcomed here.

From the window to the wall a taste of Beirut nightlife at Jukebox was a ton of memorable fun.



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