Sunday, February 10, 2013

Oman, A Taste Of Muscat


Heading back towards Muscat my car leaves the main highway and I quickly discover why. As my car comes to a stop somewhere on the outskirts of downtown Muscat I find myself in a predominately Indian populated area of town.


ST76 JAN 28 048Although the name on the outside would more likely having you thinking about Oman, the products on the inside will have you feeling Indian. At Muscat Bakery I order up some samosas and desert samples to go and shell out only a few bucks for them.



The samosas are so good that before I hit the road I return for a second order. Miniature pastries make the “stress” of my afternoon stop and go traffic a little more bearable. I never imagine an walnut tart or fig filled mini-donut could be so soothing.




ST76 JAN 28 050You Are My Sunshine



Navigating through the narrow streets of Old Muscat now lined with merchants, I make my way to a parking area where I watch a huge cargo ship leave the harbor.


ST76 JAN 28 054To my surprise, two cruise ships are in port. For a cruise this would definitely be a nice stop.





From here I drive to visit one of the cities most recognizable monuments. Unfortunately, The Incense Burner is closed today and it looks like it is in a state of repair or about to blast off into outer space.



ST76 JAN 28 053The Incense Burner




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